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Aerospace & Automotive

An addition to the range of PCD cutting tools we manufacture for wood based materials, we have now introduced a range of PCD milling tools for the machining of non-ferrous metals and other highly abrasive materials such as graphite, metal matrix composites, Kevlar and carbon fibre.

The DEM series is a two-flute PCD End Mill with a solid Tungsten Carbide body and necking for extra reach. Each cutter in the range has a length of cut that is 2mm longer than its diameter and a corner radius that sees both attributes combine to provide exceptional strength and rigidity when machining. Available in diameter ranges from  6, 8, 10, 12 mm as standard, other sizes are available on request.

The DBN series of PCD ball-nosed end-mills, like the DEM series, has a solid Tungsten Carbide body for maximum rigidity with PCD brazed tips for enhanced tool life and productivity when machining abrasive materials. The solid shank guarantees rigidity under difficult cutting conditions while the PCD tips demonstrate tool life beyond that of its competitors; this combination provides the customer with improved surface finishes and productivity gains.
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