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Regrind & Reconditioning

Prima Tooling believe in giving our customers as much support as possible. To this end we provide a fully comprehensive regrind and recondition service which will put a used cutting tool back to "as new" condition. Prima Tooling's combination of excellent service and expert Applications Engineers means that customers of our reconditioning service can rely on us to provide the right tool at the right price at the right time.

We appreciate that new tools can be expensive, and that today's competitive business environment demands that tools provide value for money. Prima Tooling's reconditioning service extends the life of tooling by returning it to its original geometry and if necessary retipping - in many instances these tools work as good as new. We also know that there are times when deadlines are very tight. We at Prima Tooling pride ourselves on our reaction time - we will always do our best to ensure that our customer meets his deadlines by meeting ours.

With stocks available for immediate shipment and modern CNC equipment, tools can be delivered to suit the most demanding timetable and the most exacting application, whether they be Standard, Modified Standard, Specials or Regrinds.

Whether you are using PCD, HSS or Carbide tooling, Prima Tooling can help you control your costs by providing a better reconditioning for your tooling.

To take advantage of Prima Tooling's reconditioning service, please send your used tools to our regrinding facility at Brentwood. We will price your regrind prior to starting work. Alternatively please make contact with our sales office or your local representative.
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