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Custom tooling help.
Approved customers can create their ownáspecial tooling orders by using the Custom tooling page. Please enteráitems according to Purchase Order number, adding items to your shopping cart until complete.

Do not proceed to checkout until all items are entered otherwise your order will be on a different Order ID.
Orders for non-standard tooling entered here will be checked by our sales team.

Please don't forget to email or fax a copy of your Purchase Order to us!

Custom tooling fields:

Action required: Select an option from the listá(a description is given)

Description: Enter a description of the tool including Tip material, tool type, cutting diameter, cutting length, shank diameter, profile,áNo. of cutting wings.
Example - PCD RC 56 x 20 + shape df.

Extra work: Extra work required. Does the tool require tips to be replaced?

Special details: Drawing numbers, special markings, etc.

Previous order ID: A previous order ID or Purchase Order numberácan be entered here. This helps us find an old order from you.

Price quoted: Enter the price we quoted you.

Delivery date: We may be able to manufacture a little faster, we'll do our best but no promises!

Continue to add products to your shopping cart until order is complete, then proceed to checkout.

You will notice a unit price of ú0.01p for each custom tool, we cannot give a price for these products due to the variation in special tooling.
Your order will be edited to show the correct prices by our sales team.

My Account help.
Logged in customers can view current and previous orders by clicking the My Account link.
This will show your last three orders, to see more, click on "Show all orders" link. Your orders will show our Order ID, your Purchase Order number and the current order status.
Click on the VIEW button to see the order details.

Pending - order received
Processing - order checked and currently out for production
In production - production started
Awaiting shipping - ready for shipping
Shipped - order shipped

In addition to the overall Order status, each product on the orderáhas an individual status.
Pending - product waiting for further information
Processing - product checked and currently out for production
In production - production started
Complete - product completed (normally order will be shipped when all products are complete)

Address book.
We can ship your orders directly to your customer, just add your customers address to your address book.

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