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PCD Machining parameters

Milling Speed and Feed Calculator Turning Speed and Feed Calculator
Workpiece MaterialsSpeed: Vc
Feed: f
(max) (mm)
Aluminium Alloys
<12% Si1000-30000.1-0.45
>12% Si200-6000.1-0.40.5
Metal Matrix Composites (MMC)
Copper Alloys
Hard Plastics1000-70000.1-0.72.5
Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP)
Sintered Tungsten Carbide <18% Co
Precious Metals100-5000.05-0.41.5-
Particle boards2000-30000.1-0.5*
Laminated woods0.1-0.5*
Soft woods0.1-0.5*
Hard natural woods0.1-0.5*


General Machining
Optimal Tool Life
Optimal Surface Finish


The main factors influencing the selection of PCD grades include a combination of
considerations: workpiece material, operation type, machining parameters, surface finish requirements and tool geometry.

Machining parameters are indicated in general ranges as a starting guideline.

Technical support is available and is recommended for application optimisation.

Woodworking - Element 6 PCD

Element 6 CTC 002 has been developed for machining of wood composites, mainly chipboard. With a 2 micron grain size, the CTC 002 comes in 74 mm diameter disc form with either a lapped or polished surface.

Element 6 CTB 010 is a general purpose PCD grade suitable for machining MDF, HDF and particle boards, for example. With a 10 micron grain size this is a highly versatile cutting tool material that is available in thin, standard and thick PCD layers. The CTB010 is available as a 74 mm diameter disc with either a lapped or polished surface.

Element 6 CTH 025 comes into its own for applications where optimum wear resistance is required in abrasive machining applications such as in machining soft woods and laminates. With a 25 micron average diamond grain, the CTH025 offers ease of tool processing via grinding/EDM and good edge quality. It also is available as a 74 mm diameter disc with either a lapped or polished surface.

Element 6 CTM 302 offers unparalleled performance in woodworking applications for high performance laminate products. Available in a range of PCD layer and overall thicknesses, the CTM 302 offers a unique combination of wear resistance, edge strength and quality obtained by a carefully selected mix of diamond particles between 2 and 30 microns. It also is available as a 74 mm diameter disc with either a lapped or polished surface.

Metalworking - Element 6 PCD

Element 6 CTB002, is a 2 micron grain size that is suitable for the production of precision tools to provide high workpiece surface finish such as required by wear parts. The material is available as a 74 mm diameter disc with either a lapped or polished surface.

Element 6 CTM302 is a grade designed for a range of material applications including grey cast irons, metal matrix composites, bimetals and high silicon aluminium. Containing a carefully selected mix of diamond particles from 2 to 30 microns in size, the resultant material gives extreme abrasion resistance, toughness and good edge quality. This material is also available as a 74 mm diameter disc with either a lapped or polished surface.

Element 6 CMX850 is a one micron sized PCD grade that has a well sintered, homogeneous structure. Its application areas include milling and rough cutting of aluminium alloys, machining of titanium and copper alloys, ceramics and plastics as well as for fine finishing. All CMX 850 material is available as a 60 mm diameter disc or in cut segments and can be electro discharged machined.

Megadiamond PCD

Megadiamond AMX is a new-generation PCD cutting tool material using an advanced composition and state-of-the-art processing techniques. AMX is designed with a precisely controlled diamond grain-size distribution, resulting in higher flexural strength and increased toughness. These important properties have been enhanced without sacrificing needed wear resistance. AMX provides exceptional cutting edge sharpness and retention, leading to improved performance over typical medium-grain PCD grades.


AMX is specifically engineered for the increased demands of high-speed aluminum milling to provide better burr control and surface finish while delivering excellent wear resistance. AMX also offers outstanding performance in a wide variety of general purpose turning and milling applications typical of medium-grade PCD use.

MegaDiamond C30X PCD offers unique properties, using specially developed processes for powder preparation and sintering.  This multi-modal coarse grain PCD provides not only extra-long tool life, but also exceptional micro-toughness of the cutting edge.  This grade also offers remarkable ease in EDM cutting, considering the large grain size.  C30X is the most innovative coarse-grain PCD product on the market today.


C30X is specially engineered to give exceptional tool life in non-ferrous machining applications.  It specifically targets continuous and interrupted machining of highly abrasive materials such as high-silicon aluminum alloys, carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and metal matrix composites (MMC).  C30X is also well suited for ceramics, hard plastics, electronic boards, and cemented tungsten carbide.

MegaDiamond F05 is specially formulated to offer superior edge quality and surface finish while maintaining moderate tool life.  With its specific diamond grain size and composition, F05 is an excellent choice in less abrasive materials when superior surface finish is a primary concern.  MegaDiamond F05 possesses superior edge fatigue resistance, high toughness, and edge resilience making it an excellent choice for the customer searching for a fine PCD grade with moderate tool life.


F05 is the recommended grade for machining low-silicon aluminum alloys, plastics, graphite and carbon, resins, optical parts, and precious and semi-precious metals where high surface finishes are required.  F05 is particularly well suited for milling and interrupted turning applications.  This product also offers a very good alternative when manufacturing prototype or special tools for short-part series machining.

MegaDiamond M10 is an excellent general purpose PCD grade offering a good combination of wear resistance, surface finish and grindability.  This medium grain PCD grade uses a proprietary powder processing technique to provide the utmost consistency of properties as well as excellent wire EDM cuttability.  Its special formulation and preparation make M10 the perfect choice for producing tools with an optimal combination of tool life, surface finish, and all around performance.


M10 is the preferred choice in a wide variety of applications in non-ferrous materials.  Typical applications include aluminum and other non-ferrous alloys, carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), wood and related materials (MDF and laminated panels), rubber, non-ferrous sintered metals, and ceramics.

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